19,000 players, coaches and volunteer parents coached over 20 years!

38 College soccer players prepared.

3 professional players developed:

Florian Dupont (Espanyol-Spain, "Servat"-Switzerland) ,

Jeremy Barlow (Dynamo Houston, DC United), and

Jose Raul Garcia (DC United)


  “Life will go on without soccer, but what kind of life would that be!?”




  “Soccer is most rewarding when it helps to improve us as people.”




  “We play serious soccer with a smile.”



Dimitar arrived in the United Sates in 1994 as part of the Bulgarian Soccer Team delegation. The team went on to reach the semi-finals eliminating the reigning World Champion Germany and beating another World Champion – Argentina. Dimitar fell in love with America and its people, he noticed the hunger for soccer in kids of all ages and the lack of quality coaching that hampered the development of an abundance of talent. He made a commitment to move in U.S. and be part of this tidal wave of soccer development that was raising fast.


For 20 years in U.S. Dimitar trained many youth teams playing competitively in NCSL, ODSL and WAGS leagues. He had prepared kids to grow and succeed in college and professional level, including MLS and European Pro Clubs.


Dimitar’s methodology for training is different from other Coaches as he focuses on the player as the building block of the team. The techniques with the ball are complimented with development of discipline, team work and way of thinking that helps players in many other areas of life. He has uncanny ability to connect with kids and unlock their potential.


Other highlights of Dimitar’s career include:

- Masters degree in Education and Child Development

- Former President of Bulgarian Youth Soccer Association

- Forming and Coaching the first Bulgarian Women’s
  National Soccer Team

- Managing Bulgarian National Women Soccer Team through World cup

- Organized the first women’s soccer tournament in Bulgaria

- Published “World Boys”, a book providing an insight of the experience
  Bulgarian National Team had in the 1994 World Cup in U.S. The book
  includes details from the team’s kitchen and is based on conversations with
  superstars like Hristo Stoichkov, Krasimir Balukov and others.



  “Mr. Dimkov … is a man I have always admired because of his outstanding knowledge of soccer and his ability to make it interesting and accessible to all.”

Dimitar Popov
Former Prime Minister
Republic of Bulgaria




  “Mr.Dimkov's crowning achievement was the creation of the first women's national soccer team in Bulgaria. Without Mr. Dimkov's knowledge of the sport and dedication to making it accessible to all, Bulgarian women would not have been able to compete in the first Women's World cup in 1995”

Emil Datchev,
Secretary General
Bulgarian Soccer Union




  “Soccer is not about kicking and running, it is about thinking. It is like a chess game, except eleven players are playing against another eleven, and everybody is on the move.”

P. Dimov