Private Individual and Small Groups Coaching


Does your kid wants to play soccer, but is behind others? Do you want to play in high school or college, but have the nagging feeling that you are not prepared enough? Are you ambitious and want to take your game to pro level? Then you must get individual coaching!



What Can We Do For You?

At Dimitar’s “Soccer with a smile” we believe that everyone has talent to play soccer, but not everyone is fortunate to receive the right training. That’s correct, the right training, the one specifically designed for you. Team training sessions are not tailored to the individuals players and their stage of development, but for the team. This often doesn’t work for players who need to address specific needs on their individual development, which often leaves talent to wither and fall out of the beautiful game. This is the issue we address at Dimitar’s Individual and Small Groups training.


Why Dimitar?

Unlike other coaches Dimitar have a Master's degree in Education and Child Development. He is one of the very few coaches that has lead a National Team through World Cup qualifications and played himself professionally in Europe.


Dimitar's ability to connect with the players is making him very effective in teaching them a wide variety of techniques from fundamentals, to the subtleties of the game. No other coach in the Greater Washington area teaches the skills that Dimitar teaches and this is evident at the very first training session with him. However, he teaches more, he teaches "soccer thinking", he teaches the players that regardless of the wide variety of techniques, this game is about thinking and outsmarting the opponent, not a mindless run down the field. Come try it, observe it, and you will be hooked.


  Sample of Techniques

  - 7 ways to stop the ball

  - 9 ways to pass

  - 11 ways to shoot a penalty kick

  - Fast Footwork Skills
  - Dribbling Moves & Fakes
  - Short and long Passing
  - 5 types of headers
  - 8 ways to spin and bend the ball curve
  - Wide variety of Shooting Techniques
  - Goalkeeping Techniques
  - Speed, Agility & Quickness 





Session Durations

Session durations vary according to the needs and current capability of players. The minimum is 1 hour, the maximum is 3 hours. A typical session runs for hour and a half.


  Age Ranges

U5- U8 Boys & Girls
U9- U12 Boys & Girls
U13-U16 Boys & Girls
U17-U19 Boys & Girls


1 Player $55 per hour
Group of 2-3 Players $45 per hour
Group of 4-5 Players $40 per hour
Group of 6-9 Players $35 per hour
Team ( more than 10 players) $120 per hour

* Rates may vary slightly for indoor training.

  Training Packages

Take advantage of training packages to obtain further discount. Call Dimitar for more information.

C: 703-869-6743
H: 703-476-9653