Our Approach

Some kids and parents are ambitious right from the beginning and would like to play at the highest level; others simply want to enjoy the beautiful game. Most kids and parents however, don’t develop ambitions until the player 16-17 years old or later. If you have not practiced and develop until then though, it may be too late. Therefore our goal is to train kids of levels, ages and dreams to keep the doors opened until they know what they really want.

At Dimitar’s European Soccer we teach kids techniques that vary from simple to very advanced according their needs. Our tailored approach aims to give put a smile on the kids faces and build their self-confidence. The measurement of success at Dimitar’s is improvement today over the kids ability yesterday, however small.


We teach the kids not just soccer, but life lessons such as:
  • constant self-improvement
  • avoiding comparing yourself to others and keep working instead patiently and diligently
  • celebrate your victories, however small
  • be courteous to others
  • do not criticize your team mates, but look for ways to help them
  • this is a team sport, so individuals can only shine when others help them
  • players learn mostly by … playing
  • always demonstrate what we teach, seeing is the best way to learn
  • our goals are not winning games, but develop the player
  • winning is the result of the good individual skills and quick thinking

We develop the use of all body parts allowed in soccer such as foot, thigh chest, shoulder and head. Our players learn how to win first balls, protect themselves and others, and play without balls, e.g. tactics. Above all, we ensure that kids enjoy the activity and feel welcome.